Hand disinfector and the benefits of hand disinfection

compact stainless steel disinfection unit

Coronavirus (Covid-19) is still spreading in Europe and around the world, despite the measures taken by each country. Every organization must be socially engaged to ensure a safe and healthy environment for its team and visitors. More and more shopping centres, hospitals and public institutions are installing hygiene stations at the entrances of their buildings. Therefore, they encourage all employees and visitors to improve their hand hygiene. And it is a sign of strong company culture and care for the customers, company personnel, and society in general.

The causes of disease and the uncontrolled spread of bacteria and viruses can have a critical social and economic result for every company and every country. Personal hygiene should not be underestimated as a factor of prevention. The most effective way to clean your hands of dirt and germs is to wash them with a soap and warm water. However, this is not always possible. According to the World Health Organization, the hand sanitizer is considered as an affordable and quick way to avoid the spread of germs.

Use a hand disinfector at the entrance of each public building. Put your hands in the machine. A photocell detects them and finely sprays about 2 ml alcohol-based disinfectant. Rub it on your palms and between your fingers to achieve better disinfection of your hands from viruses and bacteria. Therefore, you protect people and surfaces inside the room from contaminants from the outside. Be ready to repeat the same procedure at the exit of public buildings, offices and workplaces.

Why do you need a Kittner SafeClean hand disinfector?

  • Quickly and easily destroys bacteria

  • It is cost-effective

  • You can use a disinfectant of your preference

  • Contact-free – automatically sprays the sanitizer

  • The quantity of disinfectant per dose can be adjusted

  • We can brand your company logo on it

дезинфектор за ръце и ползите от използването на дезинфектор

The Kittner SafeClean disinfector was developed in Bulgaria by our specialists who have 25 years of experience in the field of personal hygiene equipment for the needs of the food and pharmaceutical industries. We have now used this experience to develop safe and cost-effective hand disinfection, wherever needed. The device works with a standard 5-litre tank with disinfectant, which ensures a long period of operation. Photocells activate the spay of 2 ml of disinfectant on both hands. This quantity can be changed if necessary. The hygiene station has a lock on the access to the disinfectant tank. An LED sensor indicates when the disinfector is ready for use. The main components of the machine are placed on a removable panel, providing easy access, service or replacement. The disinfector is for wall mounting; also, an execution for floor mounting is available.

Kittner manufactures a variety of hygiene stations following the sanitary requirements, the number of employees and the number of visitors of each company. Due to its compact design and multipurpose use, the necessary equipment can be designed for even the most limited space.

hygiene stations

Kittner offers additional variants of hand disinfectors as follow:

Hand disinfector;

Hand disinfector with a turnstile;

Disinfector with a sink area and a turnstile;

Hygienic station for disinfection of hands and soles with a turnstile.

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