As you already know, Coronavirus (Covid-19) has unfortunately spread all over the world. Every country takes measures to protect its citizens as much as possible.

New cleaning and disinfection procedure has been developed to establish infection prevention and safe work environment for those who work in Kittner facilities.

Hygiene station for personnel

These guidelines apply to all Kittner employees and include:

  • Increased hand hygiene – washing and disinfection
  • Avoid close contact 
  • Use personal protective gloves and masks
  • Coughs and sneezes etiquette
  • Clean and disinfected working surfaces
  • Avoid public transportation
  • Encouraged employees to work remotely

For the companies, involved in food production or processing, high hygiene standard is a daily routine. Their work, even before the Coronavirus crisis, was also associated with strict hygienic rules and high production safety requirements. The difficulties that arise nowadays are mainly in avoiding the gathering together of people that entering or leaving manufacturing facilities, grocery stores, banks and other public places.

Effective personnel hygiene and controlled access are leading measures to reduce the spread of infections with Covid-19. Hygiene sluices from Kittner can establish controlled access of one person at a time after mandatory hands washing or disinfection. Although alcohol rub is a quick and easy way to clean hands, it does not remove dirt. There are times when hands must first be washed with soap and warm water. In any case, the hygiene station improves infection prevention in a manufacturing environment. It controls overcrowding and divides workplace into a clean and dirty zones as is required by HACCP. This solution incorporates personal hygiene measures with а controlled access.

Choose the right type of personnel hygiene sluice according to the sanitary requirements, activities and the number of visitors or employees of your company:

  • Hands washing and disinfection
  • Sole and boot cleaning
  • Sole and hands cleaning and disinfection

Please visit our hygiene equipment section and find more executions!

In the Spotlight:

  • Hands Disinfection unit (Art.-Nr. 2141107)

    Hands Disinfection Unit photocells

The unit is designed for smooth hands disinfection before entry into a clean area. The machine is accessible from both sides. Floor or wall mounted execution.

  • Hand Disinfection Unit with Turnstile (Art.-Nr. 2142105)

Hand Disinfection Turnstile personnel

They are designed for disinfection of both hands before turnstile- controlled entry into the clean area. The machine is accessible from only one side. Floor or wall mounted execution.

  • Hand Washing and Disinfection with Turnstile (Art.-Nr.2144101)

Hand Washing and Disinfection for personnel with Turnstile

The unit is designed for washing and turnstile controlled disinfection of both hands before entry into the clean area. The machine is accessible from only one side. Floor or wall mounted execution.

  • Hands and Sole Disinfection with Turnstile (Art.-Nr. 2162233)

The unit is designed for disinfection of hands and soles of shoes, clogs or boots. The simultaneous insertion of both hands into the disinfection chamber activates the two sensors and initiates the disinfection process. On the platform, there is a basin for disinfection of the soles followed by a drip-off zone. There is turnstile controlled entry into the clean area. Hygiene station is accessible in both directions. The standard execution is equipped with four nozzles and solenoid valve for minimal consumption of disinfectant.

All hygiene stations are made entirely out of stainless steel, material No.: 1.4301. The equipment complies with the high CE Requirements and EU and USDA regulations.

Due to increased demand, Kittner is expanding its hygiene personnel station on the stock.

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