Compact Hygiene Station for Sole Cleaning, Hand Washing and Hand Disinfection

Art.-Nr. 2163103

With sole cleaning, hand washing and hand disinfection unit with turnstile

Designed for hand washing and disinfection with continuous cleaning of the soles of clogs or boots when passing through the machine. Turnstile controlled entry into the clean area. The machine is accessible from both sides. Available with 3 different sizes of the brushes. Machine corpus made entirely of stainless steel, material no. 1.4301. The machine complies with the high CE Requirements and EU, and USDA regulations.

Technical data

Power supply:

400 V 50 Hz

Control voltage:

24 V DC

Power consumption:

0.6 kW

Art. Nr 2163103:

Brush length L= 700mm

Art. Nr. 2163102:

Brush length L= 500mm

Art. Nr. 2163101:

Brush length L= 300mm